Smart Grid Infrastructure Development and Support

The Illinois Science and Energy Innovation Trust (Trust) will provide financial and technical support to public and private entities within the state for programs and projects that support, encourage, or utilize innovative technologies and methods to modernize the state’s electric grid. Technologies may include advanced electricity storage and peak-shaving technologies, such as electric vehicles (EV) or devices that allow EVs to engage in smart grid functions. The Trust also offers assistance for standards development for communication and interoperability of appliances and equipment connected to the electric grid. Electric utilities may voluntarily commit to investments in smart grid advanced metering infrastructure deployment. Participating utilities must consult with the Smart Grid Advisory Council and file a Smart Grid Advanced Metering Infrastructure Deployment Plan with the Illinois Commerce Commission.

(Reference 220 Illinois Compiled Statutes 5/16-108.5 through 108.7)

Jurisdiction: Illinois

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: Oct 31, 2011

Technologies: EVs, PHEVs

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