Expired, Repealed, and Archived Montana Incentives and Laws

The following is a list of expired, repealed, and archived incentives, laws, regulations, funding opportunities, or other initiatives related to alternative fuels and vehicles, advanced technologies, or air quality.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Conversion Tax Credit

Repealed: 01/01/2022

Businesses and individuals are eligible for an income tax credit of up to 50% of the equipment and labor costs for converting vehicles to operate using alternative fuels. Qualified alternative fuels include natural gas, propane, hydrogen, electricity, and fuels containing at least 85% ethanol, methanol, ether, or another alcohol. The maximum credit is $500 for the conversion of vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 10,000 pounds (lbs.) or less and $1,000 for vehicles with a GVWR of more than 10,000 lbs. The credit is only available for the year the business or individual converts the vehicle. An alternative fuel seller may not receive a credit for converting its own vehicles to operate on the alternative fuel it sells. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-30-2320)

Biodiesel Blending Tax Credit

Expired: 01/01/2022

Businesses and individuals are eligible for a tax credit of up to 15% of the cost of qualified equipment used for storing or blending biodiesel with petroleum diesel offered for sale. Biodiesel must be made entirely from components produced in Montana and must account for at least 2% of the business' or individual's total diesel sales within three years of the initial credit. The credit may not exceed $52,500 for a biodiesel distributor and $7,500 for an owner or operator of a motor fuel outlet. The credit can be claimed up to two tax years before the taxpayer begins blending biodiesel fuel for sale, and may be carried forward until the total amount has been deducted from tax liability. If the facility ceases to blend biodiesel for 12 continuous months within five years of a credit claim, the total credit amount must be returned. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-32-703)

Biodiesel Production Facility Tax Credit

Archived: 09/01/2018

Businesses and individuals are eligible for a tax credit of up to 15% of the cost of constructing and equipping a facility to be used for biodiesel or bio-lubricant production. Additionally, a tax credit is available for property used primarily to crush oilseed crops for purposes of biodiesel production. The facility or equipment must be in operation before January 1, 2015. The business or individual may claim either production tax credit in the two tax years before production begins or in any tax year in which production occurs. The credit may be carried forward seven years and must be returned if the facility ceases operations within five years of claiming the credit. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-32-701 and 15-32-702)

Ethanol Blend Mandate

Repealed: 02/13/2017

The following was repealed by Senate Bill 101, 2017: Within one year after the Montana Department of Transportation has certified that ethanol producers in the state have produced a total of 40 million gallons of denatured ethanol and have maintained that level of production on an annualized basis for at least three months, all gasoline sold to consumers for use in motor vehicles operating on public roads must be blended with 10% agriculturally derived, denatured ethanol by volume. If the production of ethanol in Montana drops below 20 million gallons on an annualized basis, the 10% ethanol blend (E10) requirement will no longer apply. All gasoline sold as E10 may not contain more than trace amounts of the additive methyl tertiary butyl ether. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 82-15-121)

Alternative Fuel Promotion

Archived: 07/01/2012

The state of Montana encourages the use of alternative fuels and fuel blends to the extent that doing so produces environmental and economic benefits to the citizens of Montana. The Montana Legislature recommends several guidelines for the development of a state alternative fuels policy, including the following: 1) encourage the use of self-sufficient markets; 2) any state alternative fuels program should have measurable benefits and state agencies must communicate these benefits to the public; 3) state and local governments are encouraged to set an example with their vehicle fleets by using alternative fuels and fuel blends. The state also encourages alternative fuel and fuel blend production. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 90-4-1011)

Biofuels Promotion

Archived: 07/01/2012

In support of the "25 x 25" initiative to increase production of renewable energy by the agricultural community, the Montana legislature encourages the development of a broad spectrum of renewable energy resources, including biofuels, with the goal of agriculture providing 25% of the total energy consumed in the United States by the year 2025. (Reference House Joint Resolution 6, 2007)

Biodiesel Production Incentive

Expired: 07/01/2010

A tax incentive is available to biodiesel producers during the first three years of production in the amount of $0.10 per gallon for each gallon of increased production over the previous year. For the purposes of this incentive, the production year begins July 1. This tax incentive is available until July 1, 2010. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-70-601)

Tax Reduction for Ethanol Blends

Repealed: 04/20/2009

The following was repealed by Senate Bill 353, 2009: A 15% reduction of the state road tax, as compared to the tax on gasoline, is available to consumers for using ethanol-blended fuel. This incentive will be available until the Montana renewable fuels standard is in effect. Ethanol-blended fuel is defined as a gasoline that is blended with denatured ethanol. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-70-201 and 15-70-204)

Hydrogen Energy Plan

Archived: 08/01/2007

The Montana Hydrogen Energy Plan aims to develop and establish Montana as a key state in the hydrogen economy. The Montana Hydrogen Futures Project has been established as the key economic development focus of the state, such that by the year 2020, 50% of all vehicles and equipment in Montana and 100% of all state-run vehicles will be powered by alternative fuels; all intercity bus systems will use hydrogen; distribution of synthetic fuels and hydrogen will be provided for the trucking industry; a school bus retrofit and hydrogen power program will be established; and incentives will be provided for converting internal combustion engines to operate on hydrogen. (Reference House Joint Resolution 26, 2003)

Ethanol and Biodiesel Blends Tax Reduction Decal

Repealed: 05/01/2005

The following was repealed: Retail pumps that dispense ethanol or biodiesel blends must have a decal designed and produced by the state Department of Transportation. The department shall provide the decals, which must be affixed to both sides of the fuel pump and state that the price of the fuel reflects a 15% reduction in the amount of state taxes when compared to gasoline or special fuels. The penalty for each violation is $100 for each fuel pump. (Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-70-245 and 15-70-370)