Biodiesel Laws and Incentives in Maine

The list below contains summaries of all Maine laws and incentives related to biodiesel.

Laws and Regulations

Alternative Fuel Tax Rates

Blended fuels that contain at least 10% gasoline or diesel are taxed at the full tax rates of gasoline ($0.30 per gallon) or diesel ($0.312 per gallon). Alternative fuel tax rates are as follows:

Fuel Tax Rate
E85 $0.30 per gallon
Biodiesel blends of up to 90% $0.312 per gallon
Biodiesel blends of 90-100% $0.287 per gallon
Propane $0.219 per gallon
Compressed natural gas (CNG) $0.243 per 100 cubic feet
Liquefied natural gas $0.178 per gallon
Hydrogen $0.07 per 100 cubic feet
Hydrogen CNG $0.208 per 100 cubic feet

For more information, see the Maine Revenue Services website.

(Reference Maine Revised Statutes Title 36, Section 3203)

Biodiesel-Blended Diesel Documentation Requirement

A person that sells or transfers a title to a biomass-based diesel or biodiesel blend for resale purposes must document the transfer. The document may be in the form of an invoice, bill of sale, or other written document, and must include the name of the transferor, transferee, date of transfer, volume in gallons of the product transferred, and the amount of biomass-based diesel contained in the product. The transfer document must be kept for a period of four years from the transfer date.

(Reference Maine Revised Statutes Title 10, Section 1663)

Provision for Establishment of Clean Fuel Vehicle Insurance Incentives

An insurer may credit or refund any portion of the premium charged for an insurance policy on a clean fuel vehicle in order to encourage its policyholders to use clean fuel vehicles, as long as insurance premiums on other vehicles are not increased to fund these credits or refunds. Clean fuels include, but are not limited to, natural gas, propane, hydrogen, alcohol fuels containing not less than 85% alcohol by volume, and electricity.

(Reference Maine Revised Statutes Title 24-A, Section 2303-B)

State Incentives

Biodiesel Fuel Tax Exemption

An individual that produces biodiesel for personal use or use by a member of their immediate family is exempt from the state fuel excise tax.

(Reference Maine Revised Statutes Title 36, Section 3203 and 3204-A)

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