Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Permit

CNG dealers must apply for and obtain a permit from the Tennessee Department of Revenue (Department). The permit authorizes the dealer to collect and remit taxes on CNG delivered to motor vehicles by means of a dispenser with meter capability. The permit will remain valid as long as the dealer provides timely reports and remits taxes when due, or until surrendered or cancelled. All CNG meters and dispensers are subject to inspection and verification by the Tennessee Department of Agriculture’s Weights and Measures enforcement provisions.

A CNG vehicle user must apply for and obtain a CNG user’s permit from the Department unless the user purchases CNG from a dealer through a metered dispenser.

For more information, see the Department’s CNG Tax Return for Dealers fact sheet and the Motor Fuel Taxes website.

(Reference Tennessee Code 67-3-1119 and 67-3-1120)

Jurisdiction: Tennessee

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Jul 1, 2012

Technologies: Natural Gas

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