State Agency Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) Installation

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State agencies may install publicly-accessible EVSE on their premises or contract with a vendor to do so. The Oregon Department of Administrative Services (DAS) will establish criteria to determine the appropriate number of locations for EVSE at each agency. A state agency may establish and adjust a uniform price for charging, provided that the price recovers, to the extent practicable, the cost of operating the EVSE and does not exceed 110% of the average market price for the use of public EVSE. DAS will report to the Legislative Assembly on the number, cost, and utilization of EVSE installed by state agencies by February 2019, February 2021, and February 2023.

DAS must add PEV charging capacity for employee and public visitor parking lots, develop contracts to procure and install charging infrastructure, and incorporate PEV charging as a tenant improvement for state-leased buildings.

(Reference Oregon Law 90, 2018, Executive Order 17-21, 2017, and Oregon Revised Statutes 276.255)