Hydrogen and Electric Vehicle (EV) Rebate

The Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate Program (CHEAPR) offers rebates for the incremental cost of the purchase or lease of a hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV), all-electric vehicle (EV), or plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV).

CHEAPR offers rebates of up to $9,500 for the purchase or lease a new eligible FCEV, EV, or PHEV. The manufacturer suggested retail price for new eligible vehicles may not exceed $50,000.

CHEAPR offers an additional rebate, Rebate Plus, for all applicants that participate in a state or federal income qualified program. Connecticut residents that participate in certain income qualified programs are also eligible to receive a rebate for the purchase or lease of a used eligible vehicle.

Rebates are offered in the following amounts:

Vehicle Type CHEAPR Standard Rebate Plus - New Vehicle Rebate Plus - Used Vehicle
PHEV $750 $1,500 $1,125
EV $2,250 $2,000 $3,000
FCEV $7,500 $2,000 $7,500

Rebates are available on a first-come, first-served basis. For more information, see the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection CHEAPR website.

(Reference House Bill 7424, 2019)

(Reference Connecticut General Statutes 22a-202)