Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Testing and Operation Authorization

Expired: 04/01/2019

The New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) may approve demonstrations of AVs on public roads for the purpose of evaluating the potential impacts of AV technology on safety, traffic control, traffic enforcement, emergency services, and other areas the DMV identifies. To be considered, a proposed AV demonstration must meet, at minimum, the following requirements:

  • The demonstration application includes a law enforcement interaction plan, which provides information for law enforcement and first responders regarding how to interact with the AV in an emergency or traffic enforcement situation;
  • The demonstration takes place under the supervision of the New York State Police and in a manner consistent with their direction;
  • A licensed vehicle operator is seated inside the AV while it is being operated on public highways; and
  • The AV meets all applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and New York State Motor Vehicle Inspection Standards.

An AV is defined as any vehicle that is equipped with a technology that has the capability to operate the vehicle without the direct control of the driver.

On or before June 1, 2019, the DMV, in partnership with the State Police, must submit a report to the governor and other relevant government officials including information about each of the demonstrations that have been authorized. For more information, including how to apply for a testing and demonstration permit, see the DMV AV Technology website. (Reference Senate Bill 7508-C, 2018)

Jurisdiction: New York

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Apr 20, 2017

Amended: Apr 12, 2018

Technologies: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

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