Alternative Fuel Production Tax Incentives - Kentucky Business Investment (KBI) Program

Archived: 06/13/2022

Companies engaged in energy-efficient alternative fuel production, alternative fuel production, and gasification may be eligible for the KBI Program. The KBI Program provides income tax credits and wage assessment incentives to eligible companies that locate or expand operations in Kentucky. Energy-efficient alternative fuels are defined as homogeneous fuels that are produced from processes designed to densify feedstocks such as coal, waste coal, or biomass resources and have an energy content that is greater than the feedstock. The incentive offsets eligible expenses for up to 15 years for an economic development project located in an enhanced incentive county or 10 years for an economic development project located in another county. An approved company may be eligible for a credit of up to 100% of the Kentucky corporate income or limited liability entity tax liability and wage assessment fees are available. For more information, including qualifications and the application process, see the Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development Financial Incentives website.

(Reference Senate Bill 249 and Kentucky Revised Statutes 154.32)

Point of Contact
Sarah Butler
Director, Incentive Administration Division
Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development
Phone: (502) 782-1978