Autonomous Vehicle (AV) Regulations and Committee

The Ohio Office of the Governor created DriveOhio to allow for the safe testing of AVs on state highways and other public roads. The purpose of the program is to connect municipalities with industry, education, and community partners to advance smart mobility solutions. The Ohio Department of Transportation will appoint an executive director of DriveOhio to oversee activities and administration. The executive director may establish a DriveOhio Advisory Board to receive advice and recommendations. By July 30, 2020, and each year thereafter, the executive director will submit an annual report to the governor.

All AVs tested in Ohio must have a designated operator responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle while in use and compliance with all traffic laws and regulations, among other requirements. The governor may pause the testing of AVs in Ohio if there is evidence that the technology is not safe.

An AV is defined as a vehicle equipped with technology that is capable of performing all of the real-time operational and tactical functions required to operate a vehicle. To test AVs, each company must register with DriveOhio and provide required information, including a summary report outlining its approach for the safe testing of its autonomous system.

(Reference Executive Orders 2019-26D, 2019, and 2018-04K, 2018)