School Bus Replacement Grants

Expired: 12/14/2018

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation's (TDEC) School Bus Replacement Grant program provides funding for the replacement of model year 2009 or older Class 4-8 school buses with new diesel, alternative fuel, or all-electric school buses. Alternative fuels include, but are not limited to, compressed natural gas, propane, and hybrid electric technologies. Private, public, and non-profit organizations, including state, local, and tribal governments, are eligible for funding. This grant program is funded by Tennessee's portion of the Volkswagen Environmental Mitigation Trust. For more information, including how to apply, see the TDEC School Bus Replacement Grant website.

Jurisdiction: Tennessee

Type: State Incentives

Technologies: Biodiesel, EVs, HEVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Natural Gas, PHEVs, Propane (LPG)

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