Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Deployment Support

The Executive Office of the Mayor will establish a transportation electrification program that requires all public buses, light-duty vehicles associated with privately-owned fleets that can transport 50 or more passengers, commercial motor carriers, limousine service vehicles, and taxis certified to operate in the District of Columbia to be ZEVs by 2045.

In addition, the District Department of Transportation, in partnership with stakeholders, will develop a plan to encourage and promote the adoption of ZEVs. The plan will include recommendations for strategies to achieve at least 25% ZEV registrations by 2030 and the mayor’s transportation electrification program.

In August 2022, the District Department of Energy and Environment published a Transportation Electrification Roadmap. For more information, see the Electric Vehicles Resources website.

(Reference District of Columbia Code 50-741 and 50-921.24)