Diesel Emissions Reductions Registration Requirement

The Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (ODMV) will phase out registrations for certain medium-duty (MD) and heavy-duty (HD) trucks powered by diesel engines in Multnomah, Clackamas, or Washington Counties unless vehicles have been retrofitted or repowered with approved technologies. ODMV will no longer issue certificates of titles on or after the following dates:

Date Vehicle and model year
January 1, 2023
  • MD and HD trucks powered by a model year (MY) 1996 or older diesel engine
January 1, 2029
  • MD trucks powered by a MY 2009 or older diesel engine
  • HD truck owned by a public body powered by a MY 2009 or older engine
  • HD truck not owned by a public body powered by a MY 2006 or older engine

The Oregon Department of Transportation must submit an annual report to the Legislative Assembly on the effects of the titling restrictions of MD and HD diesel trucks annually by September 15.

(Reference Administrative Order No. DEQ-11-2021 and Oregon Administrative Rules 340-256-0010 through 340-256-0560)