Electric School Bus Pilot Program

The Maryland Public Service Commission (PSC) must develop and administer an electric school bus pilot program that investor-owned utilities (IOUs) may apply to implement in their service territories. To be eligible, IOU pilot programs must:

  • Begin on or before October 1, 2024;
  • Deploy a minimum of 25 electric school buses;
  • Provide rebates to participating schools for the purchase of electric school buses;
  • Incorporate vehicle-to-grid technology;
  • Provide charging equipment for the electric school buses; and,
  • Train bus drivers on how to use the electric vehicle chargers.

Participating IOUs must report on the status of their pilot program on an annual basis.

(Reference Maryland Statutes, Public Utilities Code 7-217)

Jurisdiction: Maryland

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Apr 9, 2022

Technologies: EVs

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