Alternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Purchase Requirements

Archived: 09/01/2005

Under the Texas Clean Fuel Fleet Program, clean-fuel vehicle acquisition requirements apply to certain mass transit, local government, and private fleets located in the state's non-attainment areas. Affected fleets are required to ensure that a certain percentage of their fleet vehicles are certified to meet the EPA's LEV standards. Fleets may use any vehicle/fuel combination that is certified by EPA standards. Beginning September 1, 2002, local governments with fleets of more than 15 vehicles and private fleets with more than 25 vehicles located in non-attainment areas are required to ensure that 70% of light-duty vehicle purchases and 50% of heavy-duty vehicle purchases meet LEV standards. Mass transit authorities are required to convert 50% of their total fleet to run on alternative fuels. Vehicles weighing over 26,000 lbs. are exempt. (Reference Texas Statutes Sections 382.131 to 382.142)