Alternative Fuel Tax Rates

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Blended fuels that contain at least 10% gasoline or diesel are taxed at the full tax rates of gasoline ($0.30 per gallon) or diesel ($0.312 per gallon). Alternative fuel tax rates are as follows:

FuelTax Rate
E85$0.30 per gallon
Biodiesel blends of up to 90%$0.312 per gallon
Biodiesel blends of 90-100%$0.287 per gallon
Propane$0.219 per gallon
Compressed natural gas (CNG)$0.243 per 100 cubic feet
Liquefied natural gas$0.178 per gallon
Hydrogen$0.07 per 100 cubic feet
Hydrogen CNG$0.208 per 100 cubic feet

For more information see the Maine Revenue Services website. (Reference Maine Revised Statutes Title 36, Section 3203)