Alternative Fuel User Tax and Registration

Repealed: 05/24/2011

The following was repealed by Legislative Bill 289, 2011: The Alternative Fuel Tax Act requires individuals to purchase an alternative fuel user permit to pay their estimated fuel tax liability for vehicles that operate using an alternative fuel on state highways. Alternative fuels include electricity and any other source of energy not otherwise taxed under the motor fuel tax laws; compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas, and liquefied petroleum gas are not subject to this requirement. A fee of $75 is assessed at the time the individual submits the alternative fuel user permit application to the Motor Fuel Tax Enforcement and Collection Division of the Nebraska Department of Revenue. (Reference Nebraska Statutes 66-684 through 66-695)

Jurisdiction: Nebraska

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: EVs, Hydrogen Fuel Cells, PHEVs

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