Biofuels Use Requirement

Archived: 02/18/2010

To the extent that gasoline powered state agency vehicles use central fueling stations, all state agencies and public authorities must use E85 in flexible fuel vehicles (FFVs) whenever it is feasible to do so. The Governor's Clean Fueled Vehicles Council, chaired by the Commissioner of the Office of General Services (OGS) and comprised of the fleet managers of state agencies and public authorities, has taken steps to ensure that, to the greatest extent possible, all FFVs in the state fleet that can use E85 will do so. At least 10% of fuels used in the state fleet must be biodiesel by 2012. The OGS statewide biodiesel contract enables state vehicles to obtain biodiesel fuel in 41 counties. All E85 and biodiesel fueling locations available to New York State vehicles are listed on the OGS Alternative Fueled Vehicles Program Web site. (Reference Executive Order 9, 2008, and Executive Order) 142, 2005)