Ethanol Fuel Blend Standard

Repealed: 12/31/2015

The following was repealed by Senate Bill 717, 2015: At least 85% of gasoline supplied to a retailer or sold in Hawaii must contain a minimum of 10% ethanol (E10), unless the Director determines that sufficient quantities of competitively-priced ethanol are not available or that compliance would cause undue hardship. Gasoline blended with an ethanol-based product, such as ethyl tertiary butyl ether, is considered to be in conformance with this requirement. Retail fuel distributors must meet this requirement and report on a monthly basis to the Hawaii Energy, Resources, and Technology Division of the Department of Business, Economic Development, and Tourism. This requirement is repealed effective December 31, 2015. (Reference Senate Bill 717, 2015, Hawaii Revised Statutes 486J-10, and Hawaii Administrative Rules Title 15, Chapter 35)