Biodiesel Blend Retailer Tax Credit

Retailers selling biodiesel are eligible for a state income tax credit. Credit amounts are based on biodiesel blend level and available in the following amounts:

Biodiesel Blend Level Credit Amount per Gallon Sold
11% to 19% $0.05
20% to 29% $0.07
30% and higher $0.10

The tax credit expires January 1, 2028.

(Reference Iowa Code 422.11P and House File 2128, 2022)

Point of Contact
Anthony Girardi
Public Service Manager 2, Research and Policy
Iowa Department of Revenue
Phone: (515) 240-8417

Jurisdiction: Iowa

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: May 26, 2011

Amended: Aug 7, 2023

Technologies: Biodiesel

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