Biodiesel Retail and Storage Requirements

All biodiesel and biodiesel blends sold in Michigan must meet state fuel quality requirements, including ASTM D6751 specification. A refiner, distributor, or retailer cannot transfer or dispense biodiesel or biodiesel blends unless the fuel is visibly free of undissolved water, sediments, and other suspended matter. Additionally, a biodiesel retailer may not sell biodiesel or biodiesel blends drawn from a storage tank that has more than two inches of water or water-alcohol at the bottom. Any retailer of biodiesel or biodiesel blends must obtain a license from the Michigan Department of Agriculture for each operating retail location.

(Reference Michigan Compiled Laws 290.644a and 290.642 through 290.647)

Jurisdiction: Michigan

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Biodiesel

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