Ethanol Production Incentive

Montana-based ethanol producers are eligible for a tax incentive of $0.20 per gallon of ethanol produced solely from Montana agricultural products or ethanol produced from non-Montana agricultural products when Montana products are unavailable. If the producer uses non-Montana based agricultural products, the amount of the tax incentive per gallon is reduced proportionately, based on the percentage of non-Montana based agricultural or wood products used in production. The tax incentive is available to a facility for the first six years from the date production begins.

Ethanol eligible for the incentive must be blended with gasoline for sale as ethanol-blended gasoline in Montana, exported from Montana for sale as ethanol-blended gasoline, or used in the production of ethyl butyl ether for use in reformulated gasoline. To receive the tax incentive, an ethanol producer must use at least 20% Montana products to produce the ethanol in the first year of production, must use at least 25% Montana products in the second year of production, and must increase the amount of Montana products by 10% each year thereafter.

(Reference Montana Code Annotated 15-70-522)

Jurisdiction: Montana

Type: State Incentives

Technologies: Ethanol

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