Fuel Quality Standards

The South Dakota Department of Public Safety may authorize fuel quality standards and enforce fuel rules that conform to appropriate ASTM standards, including:

  • Standards for the maximum volume percentages of ethanol and methanol in alcohol blended fuels;
  • A program and prescribed methods for the inspection and testing of alcohol blended fuels, petroleum products, biodiesel, and biodiesel blends;
  • Labeling requirements for devices dispensing alcohol blended fuels, biodiesel, and biodiesel blends;
  • Standards setting the specifications and tolerance requirements for petroleum products, biodiesel, and biodiesel blends; and
  • Regulations for filtering systems used on devices dispensing alcohol blended fuels.

(Reference South Dakota Statutes 37-2-6)

Jurisdiction: South Dakota

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Biodiesel, Ethanol

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