Policy Recommendations for Biofuels Promotion

Archived: 06/01/2012

The Maine Office of Energy Independence and Security issued a report, Liquid Biofuels Policy for Maine: A Report to the State Legislature, which recommended specific policy options aimed toward the promotion of biofuels. The recommendations include the following: a) combine existing, unfunded, alternative fuels funds into one Clean Fuel Fund; b) study sustainability measures for biofuels; c) improve implementation of existing policies related to alternative fuels; d) support research and development; e) exempt alternative fuels from exclusivity contracts; f) revise and reinstate an excise tax cut for biofuels; g) institute a biodiesel purchasing requirement for the Maine Department of Transportation; and h) pursue a regional renewable fuels standard and/or low carbon fuel standard. The report includes suggestions for initial implementation actions and next steps. (Reference Legislative Documents 1159, 1284, and 1347, 2007)