Alternative Fuel Production Tax Incentives

Archived: 03/01/2019

Through the Incentives for Energy Independence Act program, the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority (KEDFA) provides tax incentives to construct, retrofit, or upgrade an alternative fuel production or gasification facility that uses coal or biomass as a feedstock. KEDFA also provides tax incentives for energy-efficient alternative fuel production facilities and for up to five alternative fuel production facilities that use natural gas or natural gas liquids as a feedstock. Energy-efficient alternative fuels are defined as homogeneous fuels that are produced from processes designed to densify feedstocks such as coal, waste coal, or biomass resources and have an energy content that is greater than the feedstock. The incentives may consist of: 1) a refund of up to 100% of the state sales tax paid on the purchase of personal property used to construct, retrofit, or upgrade the facility; 2) a credit of up to 100% of an approved company's state income tax and limited liability entity tax that the project generates; 3) up to 4% of the wage assessment of employees whose jobs were created as a result of the construction, retrofit, upgrade, or operation of a qualified facility; and 4) a credit for up to 80% of the severance tax paid for coal, natural gas, or natural gas liquids used as a feedstock. KEDFA may allow advance incentive disbursement to encourage the use of in-state labor for facility construction.

The incentives expire at the time of receipt of the authorized amount or 25 years from activation of the project, whichever occurs first. Approved companies may recover up to 50% of their capital investment via the authorized tax incentives. The minimum capital investment for incentive eligibility is $25 million for an alternative fuel or gasification facility that uses biomass as the primary feedstock; $100 million for an alternative fuel or gasification facility that uses coal, oil shale, or tar sands as the primary feedstock; $25 million for an energy-efficient alternative fuel facility; and $1 million for a facility that uses natural gas or natural gas liquids as the primary feedstock.

To apply for the incentive, an eligible taxpayer must submit a $1,000 non-refundable application fee and remit payment for any other fees in connection with the project, including administrative, legal, and consulting fees. For more information, see the Kentucky Business Incentives and Financial Programs website. KEDFA will not accept applications after August 1, 2018.

(Reference House Bill 557, 2018, and Kentucky Revised Statutes 154.27-010 to 154.27-090)

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