Alternative Fueling Infrastructure Grants

Expired: 09/30/2007

Qualified service station owners and operators may receive matching grants to convert existing, and install new, fuel delivery systems designed to provide E85 and biodiesel blends. Grants may not exceed 75% of the costs to convert existing fueling infrastructure, up to $3,000 per facility. Grants may not exceed 50% of the construction costs to install new fueling infrastructure, up to $12,000 per facility for E85 and $4,000 per facility for biodiesel blends. Other funding limitations may apply. For the purpose of this grant program, biodiesel must meet the ASTM D6751 specification and be approved by the Michigan Department of Agriculture. E85 is defined as a fuel blend that contains between 70% and 85% denatured ethanol and meets ASTM D5798 specifications. (Reference Michigan Compiled Laws 125.2078)

Jurisdiction: Michigan

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: Jul 7, 2006

Technologies: Biodiesel, Ethanol

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