Biodiesel and Ethanol Definitions and Retail Requirements

Commercial biodiesel stock used for biodiesel blends must be at least 99% biodiesel (no more than 1% diesel fuel) and meet ASTM Standard D6751. Biodiesel blends must meet ASTM Standard D975. Biodiesel blends made available for public use at retail locations may not exceed 20% biodiesel (B20), and biodiesel blends containing more than 5% biodiesel (B5) must be labeled as a biodiesel blend at the pump.

Ethanol is defined as nominally anhydrous ethyl alcohol that meets ASTM Standard D4806. Ethanol blends made available for public use at a retail location must be labeled accordingly (e.g., E85).

(Reference Rules of the Tennessee Department of Agriculture 0080-5-12-.01, 0080-5-12-.02, and 0080-5-12-.03)

Jurisdiction: Tennessee

Type: Laws and Regulations

Technologies: Biodiesel, Ethanol

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