Advanced Ethanol Fuel Blend Research Grants

Archived: 08/01/2014

The Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry (Department) may award demonstration grants for the purchase of blender pump fueling infrastructure that can dispense advanced ethanol blends of 10% (E10), 20% (E20), 30% (E30), or 85% (E85), and for conducting research and developing guidelines on this infrastructure. The Department may also award grants to purchase vehicles for the purpose of conducting research on advanced ethanol blends and/or the vehicle while operating on advanced ethanol blends. Advanced ethanol is a hydrous or anhydrous ethanol derived from sugar or starch, other than corn starch. Grants are dependent on available funding and further restrictions may apply. No grant funds have been designated for fiscal year 2014 (verified September 2013). (Reference Louisiana Revised Statutes 3:3761 and 3:3763)

Jurisdiction: Louisiana

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: Jun 21, 2008

Technologies: Ethanol

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