Advanced Ethanol Industry Initiative

Archived: 09/01/2013

To develop an advanced (non-corn based) ethanol industry in Louisiana, the following "field-to-pump" requirements must be met:

  1. Development of an ethanol feedstock other than corn that:
    • Is derived solely from Louisiana harvested crops.
    • Is capable of an annual yield of at least 600 gallons of ethanol per acre.
    • Requires no more than 50% of the water required to grow corn.
    • Is tolerant to high temperatures and waterlogging.
    • Is resistant to drought and saline-alkaline soils.
    • Is capable of being grown in marginal soils, ranging from heavy clay to light sand.
    • Requires no more than one-third of the nitrogen required to grow corn.
    • Requires no more than one-half of the energy necessary to convert corn into ethanol.
  2. Development of a small advanced ethanol manufacturing facility network, which reduces the feedstock supply risk, does not burden local water supplies, and provides for a more broad-based economic development.
  3. Expansion of advanced ethanol supply and demand beyond the 10% blend market by blending ethanol with gasoline at the gas station pump. Blender pumps, directly installed and operated at local gas stations by a qualified small advanced ethanol manufacturing facility, should offer the consumer a less expensive substitute for unleaded gasoline in the form of ethanol blends of 10% (E10), 20% (E20), 30% (E30), and 85% (E85).

(Reference Louisiana Revised Statutes 3:3761)