Fuel-Efficient Green Fleets Policy and Fleet Management Program Development

The Alabama Green Fleets Review Committee (Committee) established a Green Fleets Policy (Policy) outlining a procedure for procuring state vehicles based on criteria that includes fuel economy and life cycle costing. State fleet managers must classify their vehicle inventory for compliance with the Policy and submit annual plans for procuring fuel-efficient vehicles. These plans must reflect a 4% annual increase in average fleet fuel economy for light-duty vehicles, a 3% annual increase in average fleet fuel economy for medium-duty vehicles, and a 2% annual increase in average fleet fuel economy for heavy-duty vehicles per fiscal year. The Policy will also require that government entities manage and operate their fleets in a manner that is energy efficient, minimizes emissions, and reduces petroleum dependency by using specified proven technology the Committee identifies.

In addition, the Alabama Department of Transportation appointed and employed a fleet manager to develop a statewide fleet management program (Program). The Office of Fleet Management will propose fleet management policies, procedures, and guidelines for all state agency, board, commission, and department fleets and will address future cooperation between the Department of Finance and the Committee to ensure compliance with the Green Fleets Policy.

(Reference Code of Alabama 41-17A-1 through 41-17A-6, and Executive Order 38, 2013)