Truck Emissions Reduction and Fuel Efficiency Grant Program Authorization

Repealed: 05/24/2012

The following was repealed by House Bill 12-1315: The Colorado Governor’s Energy Office may administer the Green Truck Grant Program to provide grants to owners of commercial trucks used in interstate commerce to reduce emissions and energy usage. Reimbursements of 25% of overall costs, up to $50,000, may be made to qualified recipients who purchase or install fuel-efficient technologies and emission-control devices the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay Transport Partnership or any successor program approves to reduce fuel consumption and emissions of greenhouse gases and other harmful air pollutants from trucks. Grants may also be awarded to fund the retirement and scrapping of 1989 or older model year trucks. The total of all reimbursements issued may not exceed $500,000 per year. Additional restrictions may apply. (Reference Colorado Revised Statutes 42-1-301 through 42-1-305)

Jurisdiction: Colorado

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Jun 4, 2009

Technologies: Fuel Economy / Efficiency, Idle Reduction

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