Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Working Group

Archived: 01/01/2010

In order to reduce the state's dependency on gasoline and diesel fuels and to reduce carbon emissions, the Governor of Oregon has convened a Working Group to study and promote alternative fuel vehicles and infrastructure. The Working Group will:
1) Review and evaluate market and policy research on existing alternative fuel infrastructure policies and programs;
2) Identify and encourage opportunities to consistently design, standardize, and operate electric vehicle charging stations;
3) Develop a plan to work with the private sector to build and maintain state alternative fueling stations by October 1, 2010; and
4) Work with the public to ensure that alternative fuel technologies enhance communities and livability and to ensure that the public understands how to utilize investments in infrastructure.

The Working Group is required to provide recommendations to the Governor by December 31, 2009. (Reference Executive Order 08-24, 2008)