Cellulosic Ethanol Investment Tax Credit

Repealed: 05/30/2019

A qualified investor may receive a tax credit for 40% of an investment of up to $350,000 in a small business that is improving, researching, developing, or producing a proprietary product, process, or service related to cellulosic ethanol. A qualified investor is an individual, trust, or pass-through entity that meets certain requirements set by the Nebraska Department of Economic Development. An eligible small business must employ up to 25 individuals, be headquartered in Nebraska, and employ over half of its employees in the state or have over half of its total payroll paid or incurred in the state. Up to $4 million in tax credits is available annually until 2022, and a single qualified small business may claim up to $1 million in tax credits. (Reference Nebraska Revised Statutes 77-2715.07, 77-6301 through 77-6310)

Jurisdiction: Nebraska

Type: State Incentives

Enacted: May 24, 2011

Amended: Apr 27, 2017

Technologies: Ethanol

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