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20200717 July 17, 2020 Massachusetts School Fleets Get Answers through Electric Bus Testing Web Story
20191031 Oct. 31, 2019 New Flyer Buses Go Electric Video
20190919 Sept. 19, 2019 Electric City, Utah Video
20190827 Aug. 27, 2019 SunLine Transit Demonstrates Excellence in Zero Emission Transit Web Story
20190409 April 9, 2019 Washington School District Cuts Costs and Improves Air Quality with Propane Buses Web Story
20181227 Dec. 27, 2018 Gaseous Fuel Station Upgrades Video
20181108 Nov. 8, 2018 D.C. EV Buses Video
20180813 Aug. 13, 2018 Republic Services Reduces Waste with CNG Vehicles Web Story
20180712 July 12, 2018 Santa Fe Metro Fleet Runs on Natural Gas Web Story
20180514 May 14, 2018 Easter Seals: Supporting the Mission and Saving Money with Natural Gas Web Story
20180228 Feb. 28, 2018 Clean Cities Coalitions Enlighten Local Fleets on Landfill Gas as Fuel Web Story
20170526 May 26, 2017 New Hampshire Cleans up with Biodiesel Buses Video
20170322 March 22, 2017 New Mexico Utility Sparks Change with Fleet Electrification Web Story
20170127 Jan. 27, 2017 Municipality with a Mission: Georgia Fleet Commits to Alternative Fuels for the Long Haul Web Story
20170114 Jan. 14, 2017 Greater Portland Transit District Looks Forward with Natural Gas Video
20160630 June 30, 2016 ampCNG Puts Conventional Fuels Out to Pasture with Renewable Natural Gas Web Story
20160630 June 30, 2016 Coalition Leader Establishes Unique Initiatives to Effect Change and Protect Ecosystem Web Story
20160206 Feb. 6, 2016 North Carolina's Henderson County Focuses on Natural Gas Video
20160126 Jan. 26, 2016 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Beat the Heat, Fight the Freeze, and Conquer the Mountains Web Story
20160126 Jan. 26, 2016 Arkansas Launches Natural Gas-Powered Buses and Refueling Station Web Story
20160126 Jan. 26, 2016 Sea-Tac and Alaska Air Group Achieve Sky-High Results with Electric Ground Support Equipment Web Story
20150818 Aug. 18, 2015 Biodiesel Offers an Easy Alternative for Fleets Web Story
20150317 March 17, 2015 New York Coalition Helps Local Alternative Fuel Station Boost Revenue Web Story
20150317 March 17, 2015 Blue Skies Initiative Clears the Air in North Carolina for More Than a Decade Web Story
20150307 March 7, 2015 New Hampshire Fleet Revs up With Natural Gas Video
20150202 Feb. 2, 2015 Deploying Alternative Fuel Vehicles and Infrastructure in Chicago, Illinois, Through the Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program Web Story
20150117 Jan. 17, 2015 Maryland County Fleet Uses Wide Variety of Alternative Fuels Video
20141003 Oct. 3, 2014 Los Angeles Sets the Stage for Plug-In Electric Vehicles Web Story
20140516 May 16, 2014 Indianapolis CNG Fueling Station Attracts Local Fleets, Turns into Profit Center Web Story
20140516 May 16, 2014 Propane Vans Keep Kansas City Transportation Company Rolling Web Story
20140308 March 8, 2014 Colorado Leads in Alternative Fuel Use and Public Transit Efficiency Video
20131121 Nov. 21, 2013 Cities Clean up With Biofuels Video
20131121 Nov. 21, 2013 Hybrid and Electric Vehicles Boom Coast to Coast Video
20131121 Nov. 21, 2013 Cities Make the Clean Switch to Natural Gas Video
20131023 Oct. 23, 2013 Diversity of Fuels Supports Sustainability in Fort Collins Web Story
20131017 Oct. 17, 2013 Smith Dairy Deploys Natural Gas Vehicles and Fueling Infrastructure in the Midwest Web Story
20130405 April 5, 2013 San Diego Prepares for Electric Vehicles in Multi-Unit Dwelling Communities Video
20120914 Sept. 14, 2012 Partnerships Spark Biodiesel Success for Essential Baking Company Web Story
20120914 Sept. 14, 2012 Maine Fleets Make Progress with Propane Web Story
20120306 March 6, 2012 Leadership in CNG Propels Paper Transport Inc. Web Story
20111001 Oct. 1, 2011 School Buses Go Green in Virginia Web Story
20090304 March 4, 2009 Clean Cities Celebrates 15th Anniversary Video
20151104 Nov. 4, 2015 Developing a Natural Gas-Powered Bus Rapid Transit Service: A Case Study Document
20150319 March 19, 2015 Building a Business Case for Compressed Natural Gas in Fleet Applications Document
20140909 Sept. 9, 2014 Costs Associated with Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Fueling Infrastructure Document