Electric Vehicle Charging for Multi-Unit Dwellings

Photo of a charging station at a multi-unit dwelling.

Adding plug-in electric vehicle charging stations to your multi-unit dwelling can help attract and retain residents.

Plug-in electric vehicle (PEV) charging stations for multi-unit dwellings (MuDs)—also called multi-family buildings—such as condos or apartments, provide property owners with a unique way to help attract and retain residents and foster an environmentally sustainable community. MuD owners face unique considerations when installing charging stations, ranging from parking and electrical service access to billing and legal concerns. Use the resources below to learn more about best practices for installing MuD charging stations or get started by downloading the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Guidelines for Multi-unit Dwellings.

Resources for Multi-Unit Dwelling Owners

MuD owners, managers, and related organizations can use the resources below to assess the need for PEV charging stations. In addition, building owners may be able to take advantage of state or utility incentives for installing charging infrastructure at MuDs.

Resources for Multi-Unit Dwelling Residents

MuD residents can learn more about the benefits of PEV charging, and help your community become PEV-ready. Download the Plug-in Electric Vehicle Charging Guide for Residents of Multi-unit Dwellings to get started.

Multi-Unit Dwelling Case Studies

Watch a video showing successes other communities and MuDs have had with electric vehicle charging.