Find case studies and success stories about alternative transportation technologies, including alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and regulated fleets.

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20221101 Nov. 1, 2022 MotorWeek Partners with Clean Cities to Advance Transportation Video
20210709 July 9, 2021 Seattle Rideshare Fleet Adds EVs, Enjoys Success Web Story
20190417 April 17, 2019 Shared Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles Set to Hit the Streets in California Web Story
20190409 April 9, 2019 Washington School District Cuts Costs and Improves Air Quality with Propane Buses Web Story
20181108 Nov. 8, 2018 D.C. EV Buses Video
20181011 Oct. 11, 2018 Alternative Fuels Corridor Video
20180529 May 29, 2018 Electric Refrigeration Translates Fuel Burn into Savings for Nonprofit Web Story
20170322 March 22, 2017 New Mexico Utility Sparks Change with Fleet Electrification Web Story
20160630 June 30, 2016 Alternative Fuels Help Ensure America's National Parks Stay Green for Another Century Web Story
20160126 Jan. 26, 2016 Massachusetts Sees Significant Growth in Electric Vehicles and Infrastructure Web Story
20150819 Aug. 19, 2015 Kansas City Home to Nation's Largest Network of EV Charging Stations Web Story
20150727 July 27, 2015 Clean Cities Helps National Parks Model Sustainable Transportation Video
20150313 March 13, 2015 Massachusetts Fleet Braun's Express Celebrates 10 Years of Petroleum Reduction Success Web Story
20150101 Jan. 1, 2015 Local Businesses Get Creative to Offer Workplace Charging Web Story
20140726 July 26, 2014 UC Davis Pioneers Research for Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicles Video
20140215 Feb. 15, 2014 Rental Cars Go Electric in Florida Video
20131121 Nov. 21, 2013 Corporate Fleets Set the Pace for a Green Driving Future Video
20130720 July 20, 2013 Idaho County Employs FFVs and Idle Reduction Video
20130405 April 5, 2013 San Diego Prepares for Electric Vehicles in Multi-Unit Dwelling Communities Video