Regional Electric Vehicle (EV) and Automated Vehicle (AV) Support

Archived: 05/20/2024

Arkansas joined Oklahoma (Signatory States) in signing a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to support advanced mobility solutions, including EVs, AVs, and battery manufacturing. Signatory States are committed to:

  • Establishing a launch pad for research and commercialization of EVs, AVs, and battery manufacturing;
  • Collaborating with industry leaders and fueling stations;
  • Supporting workforce development opportunities; and,
  • Coordinating EV, AV, and battery manufacturing economic development efforts across the region.

For more information, see the Arkansas Governor’s Office press release.

Jurisdiction: Arkansas

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Aug 18, 2022

Technologies: Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, EVs, PHEVs

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