Corn-to-Ethanol Research Pilot Plant

Archived: 09/01/2014

The Illinois Ethanol Research Advisory Board manages and operates the National Corn-to-Ethanol Research Center (NCERC) Pilot Plant. The NCERC Pilot Plant aims to reduce the cost of producing ethanol through the development and commercialization of new production technologies, equipment, processes, feedstocks, and new value added co- and by-products. The Illinois Ethanol Research Advisory Board has six main responsibilities:

  • Review the annual operating plans and budget of the NCERC Pilot Plant;
  • Advise on research and development priorities and projects to be carried out at the NCERC Pilot Plant;
  • Advise on policies and procedures regarding the management and operation of the NCERC Pilot Plant (including contracts, project selection, and personnel issues);
  • Develop by-laws;
  • Submit a final report to the governor and general assembly outlining progress, accomplishments, and a financial report for the year; and
  • Establish and operate the NCERC at Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville as a State Biorefining Center of Excellence with a focus on areas including the following: performing collaborative research; offering training and educational services; advancing the state biofuels industry; pursuing funding sources; and serving as an independent source for testing and validation.

For more information, see the NCERC website.

(Reference 110 Illinois Compiled Statutes 520/6.5 to 520/6.6)

Jurisdiction: Illinois

Type: Laws and Regulations

Enacted: Jul 25, 2002

Amended: Aug 13, 2007

Technologies: Ethanol

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