Electric Vehicle Safety Training Resources for First and Second Responders

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Vehicle Technologies Office provides project assistance through Clean Cities and Communities, technical assistance, and project funding to help stakeholders implement alternative fuels and electric vehicles (EVs). With increased production and availability of EV models, including electric school buses and transit buses, emergency responders need training resources to prepare to safely manage incidents and risks involving EVs.

The following is a list of known available training and educational resources for first and second responders specific to alternative fuel vehicles, with a particular focus on EV resources. Please note, recognition of certification or completion of the courses may vary depending on the provider and content. This list includes both free and for-fee resources.

This list is provided for informational or educational purposes only. The Alternative Fuels Data Center makes no warranties or claims as to the accuracy, reliability, completeness, or usefulness of this information.

Alternative Fuel Vehicle Emergency Response Guides and General EV Safety/Fire Resources

The following include links to emergency response guides and general safety and fire resources for alternative fuel vehicles.

Training Resources for First Responders

Listed below are alternative fuel vehicle training resources directed toward first responders.

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles Training Program for Emergency Responders – Online four-hour course offered by NFPA that introduces alternative fuel vehicle and first responder techniques related to immobilization, extrication, fires, submersion, etc. Training also covers incidents involving charging/fueling stations. Note: NFPA also offers group training. See go.nfpa.org/sales-sql-lead to request more information.

  • Electric Vehicle Safety: An Awareness Level Training – One-hour online awareness course offered by the National Volunteer Fire Council that introduces first responders to hybrid and EVs and related incident response.

  • First Responder Safety Training – In-person course offered by the National Alternative Fuels Training Consortium (NAFTC) that provides training on safely addressing incidents involving a variety of alternative fuel vehicles, as well as first responder techniques for securing vehicles, rescuing occupants, and fire/fuel leak response.

  • Battery Electric Vehicle First Responder Training – Online training course offered by General Motors that features training for first responders specific to EV incidents.

  • Hybrid/Electric Vehicle Responder Awareness Level – Two-hour virtual live course offered by ESA that provides awareness-level training of hybrid and EVs and potential related hazards. Note: In-person training is also available.

  • First Responder Electric Vehicle Training – Four-hour training course offered by the Automotive Certified Training Academy that provides training on automotive high voltage technology and components, hazards and risks, and system disconnects.

  • Alternative Fuel Vehicle Training – In-person eight-hour course offered by the Illinois Fire Service Institute that provides training on alternative fuel vehicles and systems, other hazardous vehicle components and systems, and rescue challenges related to air bags and other vehicle components. Note: all locations in Illinois.

Training Resources for First Responders (Firefighter-Specific Training)

Alternative fuel vehicle training resources directed toward firefighters are listed below.

Training Resources for First Responders (Law Enforcement and EMS Specific Training)

The following alternative fuel vehicle training resources are directed toward law enforcement and emergency medical services (EMS).

Training Resources for Second Responders

Listed below are alternative fuel vehicle training resources for second responders.