Find case studies and success stories about alternative transportation technologies, including alternative fuels, advanced vehicles, and regulated fleets.

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20200930 Sept. 30, 2020 National Alternative Fuel Corridor: Michigan to Montana Video
20170425 April 25, 2017 Going Beyond Gas: Nissan Brings Car Charging to Indianapolis Convenience Store Chain Web Story
20170127 Jan. 27, 2017 Municipality with a Mission: Georgia Fleet Commits to Alternative Fuels for the Long Haul Web Story
20161013 Oct. 13, 2016 California Ramps Up Biofuels Infrastructure in 2016 Web Story
20161013 Oct. 13, 2016 Green Fueling Station Powers Fleets in Upstate New York Web Story
20160630 June 30, 2016 Alternative Fuels Help Ensure America's National Parks Stay Green for Another Century Web Story
20160126 Jan. 26, 2016 Alternative Fuel Vehicles Beat the Heat, Fight the Freeze, and Conquer the Mountains Web Story
20150727 July 27, 2015 Clean Cities Helps National Parks Model Sustainable Transportation Video
20150317 March 17, 2015 Blue Skies Initiative Clears the Air in North Carolina for More Than a Decade Web Story
20150117 Jan. 17, 2015 Maryland County Fleet Uses Wide Variety of Alternative Fuels Video
20140516 May 16, 2014 City of Chicago Program Encourages Petroleum Displacement and Collaboration Between Departments Web Story
20140308 March 8, 2014 Colorado Leads in Alternative Fuel Use and Public Transit Efficiency Video
20131121 Nov. 21, 2013 Cities Clean up With Biofuels Video
20131023 Oct. 23, 2013 Diversity of Fuels Supports Sustainability in Fort Collins Web Story
20131003 Oct. 3, 2013 Clean Cities Reflects on 20 Years of Alternative Fuels Video
20130914 Sept. 14, 2013 Electric Ice Resurfacers Improve Air Quality in Minnesota Video
20130720 July 20, 2013 Idaho County Employs FFVs and Idle Reduction Video
20121201 Dec. 1, 2012 Mammoth Cave National Park Uses Only Alternative Fuel Vehicles Video
20120721 July 21, 2012 Alabama City Leads With Biodiesel and Ethanol Video
20120608 June 8, 2012 Boulder Commits to Alternative Fuel Vehicles Video
20120501 May 1, 2012 Goss' Garage Provides Tips for Using Ethanol in Classic Cars Video
20110407 April 7, 2011 County Fleet Goes Big on Idle Reduction, Ethanol Use, Fuel Efficiency Web Story
20110401 April 1, 2011 Pennsylvania's Ethanol Corridor Project Surpasses 1 Million Gallons Web Story
20110122 Jan. 22, 2011 Knoxville Utilities Board Reduces Petroleum Use Video
20090304 March 4, 2009 Clean Cities Celebrates 15th Anniversary Video