Heavy-Duty Truck Idle Reduction Technologies

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How Much Can I Save?

Use the Idle Reduction Savings Worksheet to calculate your potential savings.

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Argonne National Laboratory estimates that more than one million long-haul heavy-duty trucks idle during federally required rest periods every day. Truck owners can choose from a variety of equipment types to reduce idle time and save fuel, which can provide significant cost savings. In addition, many idle reduction technologies maximize driver comfort through improved climate control, power for lighting and electronics, better air quality, and reduced noise levels. See the fact sheet Long-Haul Idling Burns Up Profits for more information.

Idle Reduction Equipment

Technologies to reduce idling include:

IdleBox contains the Compendium of Idling Reduction Equipment for Class 1-8 Vehicles, a database of known, currently available idling reduction equipment, the services provided (e.g., engine shut-off, heating, cooling, electric power, cargo refrigeration), and more. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Clean Diesel Program provides financial support for some idle reduction projects. The program includes grants and rebates funded under the Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA). EPA's SmartWay Program offers a list of Verified Idle Reduction Technologies.