Missouri Transportation Data for Alternative Fuels and Vehicles

Find transportation data and information about alternative fuels and advanced vehicles in Missouri, including laws and incentives, fueling stations, fuel prices, and more.

Fueling Stations


stations in Missouri with alternative fuels

Fuel Public Private
Biodiesel (B20 and above) 1 1
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) 8 13
Electric 389 20
Ethanol (E85) 95 3
Hydrogen 0 0
Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) 0 1
Propane (LPG) 77 0

Clean Cities Coalitions

Clean Cities builds partnerships to advance alternative fuels and energy-efficient vehicle technologies through a national network of nearly 100 coalitions.

Missouri has 2 coalitions:

Kansas City Regional Clean Cities

St. Louis Clean Cities

Contact a local coordinator or regional manager for project assistance or to connect with other local stakeholders.

Transportation Fuel Consumption

Source: State Energy Data System based on beta data converted to gasoline gallon equivalents of petroleum (GGEs) for the transportation sector (which includes more than highway vehicles) from the U.S. Energy Information Administration

Fuel Production

Gasoline (million gallons/year) 3,015
Diesel (million gallons/year) 986
Electricity (thousand MWh/year) 82,435
Natural Gas (million cubic feet) 250,902
Conventional Power Plants 94
Generating Capacity (nameplate, MW) 22,160
Oil Refineries 0
Oil Refinery Capacity (bbl/day) 0
Renewable Power Plants 14
Renewable Power Plant Capacity (nameplate, MW) 1,558

Source: BioFuels Atlas from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory


Regional Fuel Prices

Average fuel prices as of July 2018

Fuel Midwest Region National Average
per unit sold per GGE per unit sold per GGE
Biodiesel (B20) $3.09/gallon $2.81/GGE $3.06/gallon $2.78/GGE
Ethanol (E85) $2.22/gallon $3.13/GGE $2.35/gallon $3.31/GGE
Natural Gas (CNG) $2.03/GGE $2.03/GGE $2.22/GGE $2.22/GGE
Propane $2.72/gallon $3.75/GGE $2.81/gallon $3.88/GGE
Gasoline $2.77/gallon $2.77/GGE $2.88/gallon $2.88/GGE
Diesel $3.10/gallon $2.79/GGE $3.24/gallon $2.92/GGE

Source: Average prices per gasoline gallon equivalent (GGE) for the Midwest PADD from the Alternative Fuel Price Report

Bioenergy Production and Infrastructure

Ethanol Plants 6
Total Ethanol Capacity (million gallons/year) 271.0
Biodiesel Plants 9
Total Biodiesel Capacity (million gallons/year) 178.0
Biopower Plants 2
Biopower Plant Capacity (nameplate, MW) 6.2

Source: BioFuels Atlas from the National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Electricity Sources and Vehicle Emissions

Source: Energy Information Administration, Electricity Net Generation, Open Data API. Learn more about emissions from hybrid and plug-in electric vehicles.