Diesel Vehicle Availability

All diesel vehicles can operate using biodiesel blends; however, be sure to check your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engine warranty to ensure that higher-level blends of this alternative fuel are approved for use. B5 is approved for use in all diesel vehicles and many diesel engine OEMs approve the use of B20 (see the Engine Technology Forum's list of diesel vehicles available in the United States for light-duty vehicles and a list from Clean Fuels Alliance America for heavy-duty vehicles that are compatible with biodiesel).

Light-Duty Vehicles

Use the Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search to browse the available models approved by their manufacturers to use B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel). To learn about all currently available light-duty diesel vehicles, use FuelEconomy.gov's diesel vehicle search.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

When used in heavy-duty vehicles, biodiesel or biodiesel blends can help conserve petroleum and lower vehicle emissions. Engine manufacturers may approve their engines for use with B20. Use the Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search to browse available models.

Pre-Owned Vehicles 

Learn about buying and selling pre-owned alternative fuel and advanced technology vehicles.

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