Diesel Vehicle Availability

All diesel vehicles can use biodiesel; however, be sure to check your original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engine warranty to ensure that higher-level blends of this alternative fuel are approved for use. B5 is approved for use in all diesel vehicles. The National Biodiesel Board provides information on OEM approvals.

Light-Duty Vehicles

Use the Alternative Fuel and Advanced Vehicle Search to browse the available models approved by their manufacturers to use B20 (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel). To learn about all currently available light-duty diesel vehicles, use FuelEconomy.gov's diesel vehicle search.

Heavy-Duty Vehicles

When used in heavy-duty vehicles, biodiesel or biodiesel blends can help conserve fuel and lower vehicle emissions. Engine manufacturers may approve their engines for use with B20. See a list of OEM position statements on B20.

Pre-Owned Vehicles 

Learn about buying and selling pre-owned alternative fuel and advanced vehicles.

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